Community Seed Production

Community Seed Production (CSP) is designed to increase the amount of LOCALLY PRODUCED high quality seed for farmers. This will allow farmers to access the varieties of seed they want at cheaper prices. Knowing and seeing the seed was producing in their local area will increase their confidence to buy certified seed.

Experience from these schemes will be used to showcase possibilities for upscaling

ZIMBABWE:  In 2010 SAMP was requested by FANRPAN to implement the the CSP component of the Harmonised Seed Security Project (HaSSP)  Zaka District. Funds were made available for training in seed production, starting and managing a seed business as well as for the provision of equipment such as shellers and baggers.

SWAZILAND:SAMP is implementing CSP in the Ngwempisi area. An existing community group was identified and trained in the production of ZM521 (Open Polinated Variety OPV) maize. For the 2o11/12 season, 32 Mts of seeds was produced and sold to Farm Chemicals (an input supply company) for onward sale. This was the first time certified seed has been produced among small holders in Swaziland.

LESOTHO: SAMP is teaming up with the Lesotho Department of Research and CIMMYT to support and existing seed growers association in the districts of Leribe and Berea. Capacity building of seed growers in conducting seed trials and establishing a seed business will be the first part of a series of interventions aimed at increasing local seed production.