Knowledge Into Use

SAMP aims to influence policies and strategies which improve market functioning.

The Knowledge Into Use (KIU) approach goes a step beyond the more traditional conventional Knowledge Management (KM) systems to a more systematic process of creating, identifying, storing, sharing and applying knowledge leading to a  ‘change’ focus whereby information ‘used’ to actually force a change to given situation.

SAMP has identified serval key policy areas for KIU, these are;

  1. Restrictive seed certification What are the barriers to entry for small scale ‘community based seed enterprises’, and how can these be reduced?
  2. Contract Farming and Rural Investment What are the main problem areas for these and what policy instruments can be used to make these more effective?
  3. Government Extension Service and Private Sector integration Are there potential mutual benefits?
  4. Outreach for the SAMP experience Potential for scaling up to other surrounding areas?

For more information, see KIU Approach Paper (Milligan 2011)