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Swaziland Field Day – 11th April 2013

27 March 2013 A field will be held on the 11th of April at Ngwempisi RDA. The main purpose of the field day is to: Showcasing more than 40 Ha’s of small holder certified seed production with an approximate production of 100 Mts, Promotion of NSIMA OPV Maize, ZM 521 (suitable for semi arid conditions) for farmers as a possible alternative to hybrid maize, Showcasing more than 40 Ha’s of mechanized Conservation Agriculture for small holders and allow networking between farmers on small scale seed production. ...

SAMP works with Lesotho Ministry of Agriculture to Train Staff

25 March 2013 From the 11th to 14th of March 2013, a total of 17 extension staff were trained composed of 11 females and 6 males. The training was conducted by SAMP and 4 officers from the ministry of Agriculture in the research department. The participants were excited after the training as they saw potential of developing the seed system in the country. The trained focused on maize and bean seed production which are the crops of focus in the country.

Expression of Interest to Purchase Bulk Cowpea Commodity

1 March 2013 The Seeds and Markets Project (SAMP) is working with over 1650 small holder farmers in Zaka District growing commercial cowpeas and has facilitated them to set up a Cowpea commodity growers association. They have grown over 300ha of cowpeas which is about to be harvested. They are now looking for interested cowpea bulk buyers of their produce. The quantity expected for sale is in excess of 200MT. If you are a bulk buyer of the commodity, please indicate the quantity you need and price. Prices will be ex Jerera Zaka Masvingo ...