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Rainfall Situation

27 April 2012 No rainfall activity was reported, with lowering of temperatures marking a transitional period to winter. The official rainfall summary for the season indicate that the distribution across most provinces was erratic and poor with first rains followed by a long dry spell coupled with very high temperatures in parts of Mashonaland and low lying areas of Manicaland. In parts of Manicaland, Masvingo, Midlands and the Matabeleland provinces, rains started of well but was followed by a long dry spell which affected crop growth resulting in the writing off of some ...

GMB rates

27 April 2012 Maize @ $285/tonne Wheat @$466/tonne Soya beans @ $500/tonne Sugar beans @ $800/tonne

Crop Situation

27 April 2012 Maize The early maize crop is being harvested in areas where the maize crop performed well (in the northern regions) though 30% of the crop was estimated to have been written off. The maize production is estimated at 968 041 MT from a total planted area of 1 689 786 ha. The total area to be harvested is 967 229 ha whilst 722 557 ha were written off. Cotton and others The early cotton crop is being picked and awaiting marketing. The price of cotton crop has still to be agreed upon. No ...

GMB rates

23 April 2012


3 April 2012 Potato seed $15/15 kg in Harare